Apple in early November 2019 issued AirPods headphones Pro. At the moment it is the most expensive headphone, and they, oddly enough, can not be repaired. At all. Exactly. In the Russian retail AirPods Pro cost 21000 rubles, as a very good Android smartphone and they can’t be fixed, that is if they are broken, they will have to throw out and buy a new one, and this is another smartphone on Android.

Fortunately, not all Apple equipment is difficult to repair — many devices can be repaired in the service MACsave, and it can be as the iPhone and MacBook, tablets, iPad and more what is the logo of a bitten Apple. So with the technique of Apple in terms of repair is not so bad as it might seem, especially if you go to MACsave. Turns out AirPods Pro is the exception, not the rule, but the exception is very bright, because there is an authoritative resource iFixit, for many years relying all well-known gadgets on the subject of maintainability, and he put AirPods Pro exactly 0 points out of a possible 10. This is the lowest rating, and in order to earn it, it is very hard. By the way, the first and second generation AirPods (AirPods Pro is the third generation in a row) received the same rating, so Apple is true to itself and its traditions.

On the one hand, in wireless headphones nothing to break, because they have no wires that can break off, and the rest of the design itself is quite monolithic. Yes, it is, that’s just these headphones run on batteries, which tend to degrade over time and lose charge capacity. So it will be with batteries inside AirPods Pro — at first, they will work the claimed 5 hours on a single charge, but a year later they will be missed on average three hours, and anywhere from it not to go. Recall that the AirPods are Pro as many as 21,000 rubles, and such money want headphones worked for at least five years before going in the trash. Here, it will happen sooner, and to change the battery you will not be able. All the matter in the huge amount of adhesive, which AirPods Pro-drenched from the inside, so as not to fall apart. That is, to get to their innards still possible, including to the battery, only their appearance will be lost forever, and get them back really will not happen. Here such here one-off “ears” at the price of a good cell phone Xiaomi.

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