Last week, the network was actively discussed the problem with the speakers in a 16-inch MacBook Pro. Users have complained about background noise that appeared when listening to music and watching videos. Officially cupertinos did not respond to the problem. However, they have notified authorized service centers of a coming software update. The latest was released yesterday.

Last night cupertinos not only started selling the Mac Pro and a brand new monitor, but has released the final versions of their operating systems, including macOS Catalina 10.15.2.

In addition to correcting minor bugs, the update also solves the problem with sound in a new 16-inch of “prošek”. Judging by the reviews, the speakers of the laptop much less and began to publish the strange sounds. The problem was solved in Safari, YouTube and Final Cut Pro.

However, some users report that third-party apps crackle from the speakers is still audible. However, he became noticeably quieter.


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