Apple began testing iOS 13 unusually early.

Apple developers are actively working on the new operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Journalists MacRumors discovered that Apple has begun openly testing iOS 13 since October 2018 — this was pointed out to the site with iPhone and iPad running the new firmware. What is new in iOS 13? Some of the new updates are already known.

iOS 13: what’s new?

IOS 13 it is expected a large number of innovations. This was previously reported by verified sources Bloomberg, and now indirectly confirmed the activity of the Apple. The fact that the transitions from Safari on iPhone and iPad running iOS 13 seen from October 2018. This means that Apple is actively testing iOS 13 almost immediately after the launch of the final version of iOS 12.

13 on iOS has been known for quite a lot. The sources of authoritative edition of Bloomberg, in the last year found that 13 iOS the updated mobile operating system by Apple after the release of iOS 7. Apple developers not only added in iOS 13 with a few new features, but implement many interface changes.

According to sources Bloomberg, most of the interface changes will happen on the iPad. However, other insiders after said processing main menu will be on the iPhone. However, as it will change the main menu 13 iOS at the moment is not known. Also earlier it was reported that in iOS 13 Apple finally added a dark theme. This innovation is one of the most desirable among iPhone and iPad users.

In addition, in iOS 13 is added a revolutionary new search algorithm and sorting photos. It will allow users much easier and more comfortable to manage images that are stored on the device. Note that this innovation predicted more iOS 12, however, Apple decided to postpone it because of the desire to focus on iOS 12 on increased productivity.

iOS 13 will be presented in early June, 2019 at the conference WWDC 2019. The final version of iOS 13 will be released in September 2019.


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