Recently IDC published a new report, reflecting the situation on the world market of tablet computers in the third quarter of this year. According to experts, during the reporting period, the market grew by 1.9% in annual terms. The major “engines” have become two companies – Apple and Amazon.

Apple continues to hold the title as the largest supplier of tablets. In comparison with the third quarter of 2018, worldwide shipments of the iPad rose by 21.8%. Now they amount to 11.8 million units. This figure allowed the cupertinos to occupy 31.4 percent of the global tablet market.

The second largest supplier of tablet computers is now Amazon. It owns 14.5% of market. In the third quarter of 2019, Amazon has increased the supply of their tablets by 25.6%.

Closes the three leaders of the company Samsung. However, according to IDC, the third quarter proved to be the Korean giant is not too good. The manufacturer has shown a decline in the amount of 13.9%. Huawei, which is on the fourth line of the rating of the largest manufacturers of tablets, also showed a decline in the amount of 4.4%.

According to experts, Apple managed to attract attention to the iPad, releasing the iPadOS, which significantly extends the capabilities of all of Apple tablet computers. Amazon, in turn, has relied on low cost, which ultimately has a positive impact on sales.


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