Consumers ‘ Association Which? stated that Apple and HTC are cheating the users, when specifying the battery life of their devices. In fact it is much less than the manufacturer promises.

Experts tested nine models of the iPhone: they all worked offline as much as was specified by the manufacturer. For example, iPhone, XR only lasted 16 hours and 52 minutes in the talk mode, although Apple has promised 25 hours.

Of smartphones HTC really sold with promises not so much. The company stated that the average time in the conversation, is 20.5 hours. The tests of 19.6 hours.

Experts checked and smartphones from other manufacturers. Nokia, Samsung and Sony were able to work in offline mode longer than was stated.

HTC and Apple have already responded to the accusations. The company from Cupertino rebuked Which? that they did not disclose the testing methodology. For this reason, to compare their results with their own Apple.

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