Apple and Intel have been working together for years. However, the broad public is not aware of all joint projects of these two giants. According to the newspaper the Information, Intel and Apple have long worked on a new communication technology that had allow iPhone owners to communicate without the use of the Internet and cellular communication.

It is noteworthy that Apple and Intel had different names. In the Apple company new development called Off-Grid Radio Service or OGRS, while the employees of the chip maker knew her called Project Shrek.

According to reports, Intel was developing a special communication module operating in the 900 MHz range. He had to allow two mobile devices to support communication at a distance. However, recently the project was shelved. However, the sources of The Information note that the cupertinos can resume work at any time.

It should be noted that Apple and Intel are not the first who decided to create a new method of communication. Something similar is now developing the Chinese company Oppo. Its technology called MeshTalk have to link two smartphones without using cellular and Wi-Fi. The range of such a communication method is of the order of 3 km.


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