Logitech introduced a wireless charger for the iPhone, which had been developed with the direct involvement of Apple. The novelty, executed in a vertical form factor is now available for purchase on the official website of the manufacturer at a price of $ 80.

Unlike the development of most of its competitors, the station Powered Logitech Wireless Charging Stand can used as stand. With a nearly vertical backrest memory, and a teeth-projections on the front of the iPhone can be installed both in vertical and horizontal positions.

How to simultaneously charge a smartphone wirelessly and use it

Thus, the smartphone is easy to use as a bedside alarm clock, placing the charging stand on the table, and also watching TV shows and YouTube videos without having to lean over the screen, as is the case in conventional wireless memory.

According to the Logitech, the unique advantage of Powered Wireless Charging Stand is that the user does not have to look for the optimal position to iPhone started charging. The connection to happen automatically regardless of the position in which the device is mounted on the charging.

Fast wireless charging for iPhone

Given that Logitech Powered Wireless Charging Stand was originally designed specifically for use with iPhone, rely on the fast wireless charging is not necessary. The maximum power that is able to ensure the station is a standard 7.5 W.


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