Shortly after Apple began to equip their device with the scanner Face ID, many analysts began to say that the cupertinos rolled all the work on the implementation of the fingerprint sensor in the screen. However, now the network has new information on this.

According to network sources, some time ago Apple decided to return to the idea of the built-in scanner screen. The cupertinos are working on this project independently. According to available data, it is also involved Qualcomm.

Sources say that the joint efforts the parties plan to create the fastest and most accurate on the market of ultrasound scanner that can recognize the fingerprint in less than 250 MS. In addition, engineers have yet to Refine the technology so that the sensor could not be fooled with using a 3D mold.

At the moment it is unknown how far the experts in the work on the new scanner. However, it is worth noting that Apple and Qualcomm entered into a truce as recently as early April.


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