Lawyers have filed a class action lawsuit against Apple and Samsung over released last week reports in which it was argued that these corporations produce smartphones provide a level of radiation exceeding safe standards.

Independent tests of radiation were carried out in strict accordance with Federal guidelines and the relevant accredited laboratory.

“As a result, the radiation level iPhone 7 (one of the most popular smartphones) exceeded the statutory limits. While these figures are more than twice the figures that Apple has sent Federal regulators after tests”, — reports the newspaper “Chicago tribune”.

Three tested smartphone from the company Samsung showed acceptable radiation level, except for the situation when the device was closer than two millimeters from the body.

The statement of claim was sent on Friday, August 23 in U.S. district court for the Northern district of California.

“Recent tests have shown that smartphones defendants expose users to radiation exceeding the established norms. In some cases, these figures were 500% more safe”, as adopted by the court document.

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