Edition of the Chicago Tribune conducted an experiment, which investigated the level of radiation that comes from the popular smartphone brands Apple and Samsung. As it turned out, the radiation from certain models exceed safe norms. This fact is already interested in the Federal communications Commission of the United States, which has promised to conduct its own investigation to evaluate the potential danger to users.

The Chicago Tribune conducted a study of radiation levels from several popular smartphones to check whether they are safe for users. In the experiment, it was found that some of the gadgets from Apple and Samsung to exceed safe standards.

The main outsider was the iPhone 7 — according to the publication, the level of radiation is two times higher than stated in Apple documentation.

The experiment was interested in the Federal communications Commission (FCC) of the United States, which is responsible for certification of smartphones in the country. On the FCC website indicated that if the gadget was approved for sale, it means that the level of radiation does not exceed acceptable norms. However, if you believe the obtained data, smartphones from Apple and Samsung do not fit into the existing standards.

“We are very seriously any complaints about the conformance of radio frequency radiation, so do our own testing of the phones in compliance with FCC rules,” — said the representative of the Department Neal, grace.

Despite the fact that there was no evidence that radiation from smartphones increases the risk of cancer or other diseases, the probable excess of the norms from the leading manufacturers can not bother users, because the smartphones have become an integral part of modern society. Moreover, many children and adolescents appear gadgets from a very early age.

The publication conducted two series of tests — when the smartphone was located at a distance of from 5 mm to 15 mm from the body (this is a standard adopted by manufacturers of devices) and when a smartphone was only about 2 mm from the body. This option is called “pocket” test, because users often carry phones in pockets, which are located in the vicinity of the body.

The newspaper reported that at a distance of 2 mm smartphones show clear deviation from the standards of the FCC. The companies that are testing new gadgets to meet the standards, you are allowed to measure at distance of 25 mm from the body. It is reported that this standard was adopted in the 90-ies, when people often wore the smartphone in a special pouch attached to the belt.

Now these bags are gone, but the standards are still preserved.

Chicago Tribune stresses that tested only 11 models of smartphones, which means that other brands may not meet accepted standards.

Apple has posted an official comment, which called the results of this experiment are “inaccurate”.

“All models of iPhone, including the iPhone 7, is fully certified FCC, as well as offices in any other country that sells the iPhone. After careful analysis and follow-up all models of iPhone, tested Tribune, we confirm that we comply with all applicable… regulations and restrictions,” — said the representative of the company.

Samsung also said that all of the devices the company sold in the USA meet FCC requirements.

“Our devices are tested in accordance with the same testing protocols that are used throughout the industry,” — said the press service of Samsung.

While the Federal communications Commission the United States is preparing to conduct its own tests on Apple and Samsung filed in court. The suit was registered on August 23 court for the Northern district of California, reports Forbes. The plaintiffs argue that, despite the assurances of the manufacturers of gadgets in the security of their devices, “the tests show that the levels of radiation than normal — in some cases by 500% — if you wear the gadget in the Trouser pocket or shirt”. It is obvious that the claim of the user based on the material of the Chicago Tribune.

The lawsuit also States that users of such smartphones at risk “of genetic variation, functional disorders of the human reproductive system, memory impairment, neurological disorders and General distress”. Apple and Samsung did not respond to the claim.

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