MOSCOW, 26 Aug — PRIME. A group of lawyers filed a lawsuit on corporations Samsung and Apple because it exceeded smartphones these manufacturers permissible level of radiation. The statement of claim was sent on Friday, August 23 in U.S. district court for the Northern district of California, according to Forbes.

Previously, the newspaper the Chicago Tribune published an article with a study which found that popular smartphones of Apple and Samsung violate established norms for radiation level. Testing of products, the results refers to the edition, has revealed excess of norm (in some cases up to 500%) in the case of finding the gadget in the Trouser pocket or shirt. The outsider was the iPhone 7 — according to the publication, the level of radiation is two times higher than stated in Apple documentation.

This fact is already interested in the Federal communications Commission (FCC), which promised to spend the coming months testing to evaluate the potential risk to users. “We are very seriously any complaints about the conformance of radio frequency radiation, so do our own testing of the phones in compliance with FCC rules,” — said the representative of the Department Neal, grace.

In turn, both companies said that their products are fully compliant with all standards and requirements of the FCC, and the results of the study inaccurate.

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