Recently we told how the Chicago Tribune has ordered experts to study the level of radiation from popular smartphones and found that two giants of industry, Apple and Samsung, has repeatedly violated the established norms. Now it became known that the company filed a lawsuit in the court for the Northern district of California.

Independent tests of the radiation, the initiator of which was the American edition, was conducted in accordance with Federal recommendations and, importantly, in the laboratory, which has an official accreditation in the relevant field. As a result of tests it turned out that the radiation emitted by the iPhone 7, has largely exceeded the normal safe performance. But what is most interesting, the level of radiation, which found the Commission more than two times higher than the level that the company Apple told Federal regulators based on internal tests of the company.

And though official confirmation of when this kind of radiation with cancer or other deadly disease no, we can’t talk about the harmlessness of the emitted radiation smartphones. The fact that this issue was not fully explored because of the small lifetime of such devices as a smartphone. In any case, that the company concealed important information is not very good. And available claims for this reason, perhaps, is only the beginning.

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