Apple announced the release date of the updated operating system iOS 13, macOS Catalina, watchOS 6 and iPadOS, the announcement of which was held at the exhibition WWDC in June 2019.

iOS 13
iOS 13 will be available from September 19. It can be installed on all devices starting with the iPhone 6s/SE and above, as well as multimedia player iPod Touch 7th generation. The iOS version 13.1 will be released September 30.

iOS 13 includes many new features and improvements. The main feature of the OS was its performance. iOS 13 to 30% faster scanning Face ID, run apps — by 2 times, and the volume of apps in the App Store decreased by 60%.

Among other innovations worth noting is dark mode Dark Mode, advanced functions-editing photos and videos, the function of the text input swipe keyboard in iOS 13. In addition, improved Maps, Siri, Memoji, “Reminders”. Also iOS 13 were safe button to log in to third-party services through the account Apple ID.

watchOS 6
Update to watchOS 6 also starts 19 September for smart watches Apple Watch all versions.

Of the innovations worth noting the application Indepented Apps, its own App Store, the standard application for audio books, voice recorder, calculator and a calendar for the menstrual cycles as well as new dials.


iPadOS will debut alongside the iOS 13.1 — that is, 30 September. Take advantage of the new operating system will be the owners of iPad Air 2 and newer models.

Thanks iPadOS iPad tablet will become a full replacement for computers and to circumvent the limitations of iOS. Among the innovations worth noting is the dark mode, multi mode for applications, a new file system and new standard gestures undo insertion of text. The Safari browser on iPad iPadOS will default to run in the desktop mode.

macOS 10.15 Catalina

macOS Catalina will be available October. More detailed dates, Apple said.

macOS 10.15 Catalina includes the following updates:

replacement of iTunes;

feature that allows you to use your iPad as a secondary wireless computer monitor Mac;

improved security and search features;

function Screen Time;

advanced augmented reality (AR).

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