The Guardian reports that Apple has fired about 300 people in cork (Ireland). They were all hired by the company to assess the quality of Siri. The company also refused the services of external contractors involved in the project assess the quality of a voice assistant.

Recall that in late July it became known that contractors Apple is actively listening to the conversations of users with Siri. And on records the very different information, including confidential data. Cupertinos responded to such statements by journalists, confirming that about 1% of all conversations with Siri listens by real people. According to the company, this was done to improve the quality of the voice assistant.

However, after dissatisfaction from users, Apple has decided to suspend the monitoring program. Now it became known about the large-scale cuts. In addition cupertinos apologized. On the company’s official website stated:

“We understand that it is not fully consistent with the high ideals, and apologize for it”

Also today, kupertinovtsy announced some changes to the privacy policy for Siri. In particular, the company promises default not to save conversations users with voice assistant. Now users will be able to determine whether they want to participate in the program improve the work Siri or not.

In this case, Apple promises not to use third-party employees to listen to your recordings, and all the fragments that contain confidential information to be removed immediately.


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