Apple has apologized to users in China for the incident of Chinese hacking of some accounts during a phishing campaign. It happened a week later after it became known about the stolen Apple ID that was used to derive the cash users.

In its official statement, technogiant writes that “it was discovered a small number of user accounts” to which the attackers gained access via a phishing scheme.

“We bring our deepest apologies for the inconveniences, experienced by our users from phishing attacks,” writes Apple.

The incident became known last week, when the largest payment system Alipay and WeChat announced the loss of funds by some clients. Apple said that the victims of phishing were the users have enabled two-factor authentication.

The Corporation does not yet know how many users were affected, how much money was stolen, and how the fraudsters got hold of your Apple ID and passwords of victims. To prevent such episodes in the future, Apple advises users be sure to activate two-factor authentication.

The attackers used the accounts to access the services App Store and iCloud. As many of you know, this is where you can store passwords, email address and financial information.

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