Apple are going to move production AirPods headphones Vietnam

Previously, they were made only in China. Most likely, the decision of the company associated with the so-called trade war between the US and China.

One of the suppliers of Apple — Goertek — is going to launch pilot production of the latest model AirPods in Vietnam this summer.

“The initial production scale will be limited, but the power will be easy to build up, when all production processes are established,” writes the Nikkei Asian Review, citing an unnamed source familiar with the situation.

Earlier it was reported that Apple is going to take 15-30% of their production from China to other countries in the region. In particular, the company’s partner in the production of smartphones Foxconn — have you considered moving factories to Vietnam.

And recently it became known that so they are going to do their competitors.

Source: Nikkei Asian Review. Translation: Nikita Grebennikov.

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