Apple will ask developers to place the button Sign In with Apple that will allow iPhone and iPad users to log into third-party applications and websites, higher than the same buttons from Google and Facebook, reports Reuters.

“Apple Inc in accordance with the recommendations published this week, will ask the developers to place a new button Sing in with Apple in apps for iPhone and iPad over competing buttons Google and Facebook Inc” — the newspaper notes.

Users often choose to log in to the application, the default option, which is why Apple will require app developers to put their button “in priority”, writes Reuters.

Apple refused to comment, citing previously made public statements of their leaders. In Facebook and Google also declined to comment, although Google has stated that it does not require the use of a login button for Google apps in the Play Store on Android devices, concludes Reuters.

The function of Sign In with the Apple was shown at the last WWDC.

“Function simplifies the authentication using Face ID or Touch ID. For additional security, you can use a built-in feature of two-factor authentication”, — reported in the innovation press release from Apple.

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