Apple is asking owners of the iMac Pro, why would they kupillas Pro went on sale in late 2017, and now, several months later, Apple is looking for feedback. It’s interesting the reasons why you bought this computer.

Among the probable reasons for cupertinos point of chip W2, 27-inch Retina display, four Thunderbolt 3 or even the color Space Gray.

Apple is sending out a survey to iMac Pro buyers. Questions include whether you bought the iMac Pro because it had more ports, SD card slot, and what features you like or dislike.

This is a great chance to give Apple feedback!

— a f waller (@afwaller) September 10, 2018

It is normal that Apple’s interested in your desires and reasons for buying a particular product.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that Apple will just pick something based on the feedback in future models. However, we can hope that the cupertinos will listen to your feedback and will be based on them some new device.

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