Apple requires the developers to cease to enable third-party trackers in their own applications intended for children. Programs not complying with these requirements, developers can be removed from an official store.

The Corporation has updated its rules for applications that fall within the category of children’s programs. Up to this point in children’s applications are only limited opportunities of advertising trackers.

“Applications that fall into the category for children should not include third-party advertising or Analytics trackers”, — stated in the new rules.

Apple currently prohibits children’s applications to place links to outside resources or to implement in-app purchase.

Recall that the researchers Rostelecom-Solar analyzed 14 popular mobile gaming apps for kids. The report, timed to the Day of protection of children, measured cyber risks faced by young gamers.

According to experts Rostelecom-Solar, found in the popular mobile gaming application vulnerabilities may lead to a complete loss of privacy of young users. Can get to the fact that cyber criminals get access to payment information.

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