Apple to introduce full-screen fingerprint scanner on the new iPhone that will be released next year, said Bloomberg sources. The technology is already in the testing stage, although the release can still be postponed to 2021, said the Agency’s interlocutors wished to remain anonymous.

The new scanner will work on a “significant part” display of the smartphone, sources say Bloomberg. Technology will be associated with Face ID, said they. Bloomberg emphasizes that the sensors Face ID will in any case still needed to make better portrait photos and use augmented reality apps — for example, Animoji.

Suppliers already have shown they can integrate the technology in the iPhone, but Apple is not yet able to organize its mass production, said Bloomberg informed the source.

An Apple representative declined to give Bloomberg a comment.

Apple will release a budget iPhone for the first time in 2016

Apple used Touch ID technology to unlock smartphones and confirm payments and downloads of apps in 2013. The year before it bought the company AuthenTec — a pioneer in the development of fingerprint scanners and other technologies to ensure the security of mobile gadgets. According to Bloomberg, the introduction of Touch ID has provided Apple an advantage over competitors because of the speed and reliability of the technology.

Initially, the fingerprint scanner was embedded in the Home button on the smartphone screen. In 2017 with the release of iPhone X the company began to use instead of the Touch ID scanning system face ID. The company said that this method of gaining access to a smart phone more secure than a fingerprint scan. Due to the Face ID Apple could beat the competition in the reliable and safe implementation of the technology, according to Bloomberg.

Next week, September 10, Apple is expected to introduce three new iPhone. Read more about how will they differ from previous models, see the article: iPhone triple camera and record MacBook: Bloomberg learned the characteristics of the new Apple devices

In addition, on the eve of the Nikkei Asian Review reported, citing sources, that Apple plans next spring to release a budget version of the iPhone to attract new buyers. In size the new model will be the same as iPhone 8, issued by the company in 2017, and by “stuffing” the device will not differ from the flagships of Apple, coming out this year. But the smartphone will be installed over the cheap LCD display, that allow to reduce its price, sources told the Nikkei. Information on developing a budget iPhone confirmed by sources to Bloomberg. According to them, in this device Apple is planning again to use Touch ID technology, embedding touch ID into the Home button.

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