According to BGR, Apple has agreed with 1Password on the purchase of 123,000 licenses. About BGR was told by an anonymous source. There were negotiations about the acquisition of the company, but 1Password has denied the rumors.

Apple has obtained licenses for all employees, including Apple Store employees. This is not an ordinary license, and a family, so every Apple employee will be able to connect to 1Password up to 5 people. A source told BGR that 100 Apple employees will start to use 1Password this week. The remaining accounts will be activated within two months.

Apple had very specific requirements for this transaction. The company’s representatives demanded that all the support pages on the website 1Password translated into major international languages, and support replied within 4 hours to any question. Company AgileBits — 1Password owner, was not ready for such a large influx of customers and the requirements of the Apple, so turned to a third party for help to provide telephone support. Apple employees will use the standalone version of 1Password. First, the company considered the version that includes cloud sync via Amazon, but “quickly decided that this was unacceptable.”

The transaction amount is unknown, but it is reported that AgileBits has reduced the price to Apple. Probably the offer was very profitable, because all the staff AgileBits began to pay cash bonuses.

AgileBits annual income of 5-10 million dollars. Source BGR reported that in 2018 the company will earn 2-3 times more than usual. It is not clear why Apple bought the company, instead of every year to pay her millions of dollars.

BGR suggested that this deal might be the actual purchase, it just implemented this way to provide additional income for several years.

After the release BGR, Twitter 1Password appeared a message that refutes the rumors about the purchase.

Rumors of the acquisition are false. My men and I are happy and independent and intend to remain so.



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