Over the past few days, the network appeared information about the two major purchases that are made by Apple. According to sources, some time ago Apple has acquired British startup DataTiger specializing in digital marketing, and a company called Pullstring.

According to reports, the deal with DataTiger was completed in December. However, sources are not reported how much Apple paid for the British startup. The only thing that is known is that the main product was DataTiger special tools which allow to process large volumes of marketing data.

The company Pullstring, it was founded a long time ago (in 2011) come from Pixar. The staff of this startup engaged in the development of interactive voice applications. For example, in 2015 the company released an app for the iconic Barbie doll.

Sources say that cupertinos can use the achievements Pullstring for the improvement and development of voice assistant Siri. The exact amount of the transaction is unknown. However, some believe that Apple paid for the Pullstring of the order of 40 million dollars.


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