Apple has acquired British company IKinema involved in the development of digital motion capture technology that can be applied in real time in the process videoproduktion; the transaction amount was not disclosed.

Acquisition of IKinema was being investigated by a journalist of MacRumors, who last week accidentally discovered in the public domain relevant reporting documents. Apple representatives gave a fairly lengthy comment about this edition of the Financial Times: “from time to Time, we buy a small company and, as a rule, do not do this big noise.”

IKinema engaged in the development and simplification of technology of motion capture for the game “engines” such as Unreal, as well as with the tools of video production in real time, the company has worked with such studios as Ubisoft, The Void, Linden Lab, Platinum Games and Microsoft Studios.

On YouTube posted an old video showing the use IKinema in the gaming industry:

Apple has decided to seriously tackle games in September start paid Apple platform, Arcade. However, the development of IKinema plan to implement also in other products — for example, in the option of face recognition for iPhone and animated emojis (the”Emoji”). Curiously — informed IKinema has already used their technology on the iPhone platform to experiment with animated characters and laid out some work in Instagram:

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This @acmsiggraph come check out Cory from @Kitelightning as he reveals how #inertial Xsens #mocap technology, in tandem with the #iPhoneX can LIVE stream and retarget full body and facial motion capture straight into @unrealengine using #IKINEMA! #IKINEMALiveAction
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Jul 31, 2018 at 8:44am PDT
Most likely, Apple will also benefit from the developments IKinema for long-promised release of augmented reality glasses that should go on sale next year.

SOURCE: Variety

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