Today it became known about the next large purchase made by Apple. Sources report that cupertinos has acquired a startup from Colorado, who is engaged in the manufacture of lenses for eyeglasses augmented reality. The transaction amount was not disclosed. However, we know that Akonia Holographics is not the first company associated with AR, which buy Apple.

Startup Akonia Holographics was established in 2012. However, the first time his employees engaged in the storage of holographic data. But the vector of development was changed and the startup switched to products related to augmented reality.

It is difficult to say exactly why the Apple company has purchased Akonia Holographics. Perhaps the cupertinos took the company’s patents. At the moment, Akonia Holographics owns about 200 patents. However, Apple has aimed not only at development but also to prospective employees.

Apple representatives did not comment on the new purchase. To the question concerning the acquisition Akonia Holographics cupertinos meet the standard wording that Apple has from time to time buys small promising companies.


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