Intel Corporation has completed the sale of most of its business producing modems for smartphones Apple, the report said Intel. “Today, Intel has announced that it completed the sale of a major share of its business for the production of modems for Apple. The deal, estimated at $1 billion, was announced on 25 July, 2019”, — stated in the message. According to the company, the deal will allow Intel to concentrate on the development of technologies for fifth generation networks (5G), while retaining the possibility of developing modems for computers, Autonomous vehicles and devices of the Internet of things. Announcing the deal in late July, the company noted that after the close Apple will own more than 17 thousand patents on various wireless technologies, from protocols for cellular standards to modem architecture and modem is working. On 23 July on the planned transaction reported by the Wall Street Journal, citing sources. According to the publication, negotiations between the two companies lasted over a year, but they were interrupted after the conclusion of the agreement between Apple and Intel rival Qualcomm Inc. but then was resumed.

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