Apple has become more technology.

Apple bought the patent portfolio of the bankrupt startup’s Lighthouse AI. The company bought several patents, most of which are associated with 3D cameras. According to experts, Apple is using the acquired technology in future iPhone with 3D camera and its own augmented reality glasses.

Lighthouse AI startup focused on building security cameras for home with the function of recognition of people and Pets. Also a camera company had the support of advanced voice assistant. They can answer even difficult questions, for example, “Let me know if the children will not be home by 16:00 on weekdays” or “Show me what the kids were doing at home while I was gone yesterday.”

Last year, the startup went bankrupt and put the patented technology for sale. Apple bought some of them. The iPhone maker is interested in the patents related to technology definition of persons based on depth, visual authentication and other. All Apple bought the patents can be used in a 3D camera, which, according to leading insiders to appear in the iPhone sample 2020.

In addition, Apple may use the technology in their own augmented reality glasses. The launch of AR glasses, Apple is projected to 2021.

Source: MR.


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