Recently Apple has completed work on its new campus. However, if you believe the authors of the California newspaper the Mercury News, the company actively buys new space in Cupertino. Just this week, Apple has purchased a large office complex near Apple Park.

According to reports, the cupertinos have paid for two buildings with a total area of about 90,000 square meters, more than 290 million dollars. Previously employees of Apple, the company has worked in these offices. In fact, Apple just bought out the building in the property.

It is noteworthy that the company paid for a new property significantly more of its assessed value. According to The Mercury News, the two buildings that bought Apple in June of this year was estimated to 135,1 million dollars. Cupertinos paid for them twice.

At the moment Apple is one of the largest land owners in Cupertino. At last count, the city has more than 24,000 employees of the Apple company. A large number of ownership allows Apple to appeal directly to the city government and lobby for certain initiatives. In particular, not so long ago cupertinos proposed to implement in Cupertino, a number of “green” projects related to traffic. Apple was ready to allocate 9.7 million dollars. However, instead the company wanted to delay the introduction of a number of taxes.

It should be noted that some residents of Cupertino aren’t happy with “the neighborhood” with Apple. According to residents, the arrival in town of large companies had a negative impact on many aspects of life – from real estate to traffic.


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