Apple is credited with the plans for the pumping line of smartphones iPhone, but not in 2019, and 2020 only in the current year changes, we can say, will not. The iPhone will embed a powerful 3D laser-camera, which will replace a system of Face ID in its current version.

Apple can say, is preparing the Face ID of the second generation, as the laser camera will work more precisely and over a greater distance than currently available sensors. In other words, the phone will recognise you under all conditions, and even at a distance of 5 meters. Why do it — it’s hard to say. Apparently, then, to shake off allocation a little more money in the absence of other innovations.

iPhone 2020, by the way, get the support of cellular networks of the fifth generation and even get rid of monobrow, although this is unlikely. As for the iPhone 2019, then innovations can be expected. Except that the camera will do a horizontal and put the center of the body, right above the Apple, but no more. The cutout in the screen will be, but the filling is more powerful unlikely. On the render, by the way, the final version of iPhone XI to the announcement of which remained for 7 months.

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