Today sources reported another major acquisition by Apple. According to reports, now cupertinos agree on the main points to buy the startup Last specializiruetsya on technologies for Autonomous cars.

Specific details about the future transaction now there. Sources do not report any of the approximate price at which Apple acquires, no future plans kupertinovtsy. In February of this year, the startup had about 100 engineers. It is not excluded that some of them will go to work at Apple. However, it is likely that kupertinovtsy decided to buy not so much because engineers and other professionals, but because of developments and patents.

Not hard to imagine that all of these practices, Apple will use when you develop your own car and Autonomous driving vehicles. At this point the sources disagree if the cupertinos to work on my own car. In the past, the network appeared information about the fact that Apple has decided to curtail work on the vehicle and focus on Autonomous control system.


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