On the official Youtube channel of Apple has a new video titled “5 Reasons the iPad.” It cupertinos resulted in several significant (according to them) arguments that show than the new iPad Pro is better than a computer.

Looking ahead, we can say that there is nothing fundamentally new marketers from Apple did not come up. Part of the arguments already heard during the official presentation, as part of cupertinos repeat the first year.

Tezisno the main advantages of the new iPad Pro in front of computers are as follows:

  • iPad Pro with Face ID is more powerful than most laptop computers.
  • the iPad Pro is more versatile – it can be used as a notebook, and camera, and as a reader.
  • Thanks LTE the iPad Pro can stay connected almost anywhere in the world.
  • To operate your iPad Pro as simple as possible.
  • Possible iPad Pro will become even wider with the Apple Pencil 2.

It is worth noting that Apple is not the first year trying to convince consumers that the iPad Pro is able to replace a full-fledged computer. However, users do not think so. The latest polls show that many do not believe that iPad Pro 2018 is able to replace the laptop.


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