Apple smart phones always cost quite expensive. However, in recent years its value has grown a little more, and with it, increased and the price of repair. Today on the official website of Apple appeared prices for out of warranty repair iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max and, looking ahead, we can say that they are more than high.

For example, the cost of battery replacement after the warranty period will cost the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max not less than 70 dollars. If the warranty is still preserved or the user pre-purchased AppleCare+, the replacement procedure will not cost anything.

Replacement of the display module without warranty and service plan, AppleCare+ is $280 for iPhone Xs and $330 for the iPhone Xs Max. However, the most expensive operation, is the “other” damage. These include, for example, are the replacement of rear window with wireless charging or recovery of the individual modules. According to information posted on Apple’s official website, the repair of such damage can cost users up to $ 600.

As in other cases, repair costs can be markedly reduced in the design of the service plan, AppleCare+. Thanks to the latter, the cost of repair from the “Others” category can be reduced to $ 100. However, it is worth considering that the extended warranty costs $ 200 and the company has the opportunity to deny warranty repairs even with AppleCare+


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