At the end of last week, Apple began taking pre-orders for iPhone Xr. Shortly thereafter, kupertinovtsy published on its website information on the cost of repairs or other components 6.1-inch smartphone.

One of the most expensive procedures is the replacement of the display unit. The specialists of authorized service centers Apple will charge for this service is $ 199. Repair of more serious damages, which include a complete replacement of the back cover of the smartphone or restore the health of the internal modules of the device will cost users $ 399.

While repair costs can be markedly reduced in the design of the service plan, AppleCare+. However, it is worth remembering that extended warranty costs $ 200 and the company has the opportunity to deny warranty repairs even with AppleCare+.

It is noteworthy that the cost of iPhone repair Xr significantly less prices that Apple has appointed for the restoration of their new flagships. In the case of the iPhone Xs Max replacing one of the display module without AppleCare+ will cost $ 330.


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