Apple haven’t made any changes in iTunes. However, if you believe the information shared by well-known developer Steve Trouton Smith, in the future the situation may change. According to available data, summer Apple split iTunes into separate applications.

Trouton Smith doesn’t tell you where he got this information. However, the developer claims that he has found data that indicate the desire of Apple to release a separate program for Apple Music, Podcasts, and Books. They will initially be available on macOS.

Most likely, cupertinos announce such changes this summer at the conference WWDC 2019. It is Apple needs to provide software and other innovations. In particular, iOS and macOS 10.15 13.

It is worth noting that many users have long complained about iTunes. Apple mediacompany is too slow, and its interface does not match the latest trends. For this reason, many owners of iPhone and iPad launch iTunes unless absolutely necessary.


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