Immediately after the presentation of iPhone iPhone Xs and Xr many were convinced that Apple decided to abandon production of its branded wireless charging station called AirPower. However, now the network has information that refutes such rumours.

Judging by the liner from the kit iPhone XS and XS Max, the cupertinos will release its charging station. However, it is unknown exactly when it will happen. It is not excluded that the official start date of sales of AirPower will be known before the end of this year. For example, Apple may hold another presentation in October and November, in which the cupertinos will talk about the new iPad and MacBook, as well as share data on branded accessories.

Recall that previously, network sources reported a number of problems with AirPower. Insiders claimed that engineers from Cupertino for a long time could not cope with overheating of the charging station and the interference, which created two different charging coil.


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