But the crisis should not affect key employees.

Apple is cutting some jobs in connection with the decline of iPhone sales in 2018, Bloomberg reports, citing reliable sources in the company. Cancellation of vacancies at a recent meeting with employees, said the head of Apple Tim cook.

Tim cook and other Apple executives have not yet decided in what divisions there will be a reduction of employment. At the meeting with employees, he stated that in key areas, as before, will continue active search and recruitment of new professionals. In particular, the reduction does not affect the recruitment of subdivision developments in the field of artificial intelligence.

Also, Bloomberg has learned that at the meeting employees have an important interview the top managers of Apple. Senior Vice presidents of the company put emphasis on the fact that the “slowdown in iPhone sales is the opportunity for new innovation.” Note that experts are not the first argue that the rate of Apple’s services and other products in addition to iPhone is the right move. The reason is that the smartphone market is no longer growing due to saturation.

It is important to emphasize that the reduction in recruitment does not mean the reduction of existing positions in the company. Apple does not dismiss employees because of the downturn of sales of the iPhone and, according to information from Bloomberg, no plans to do that.

Source: Bloomberg.


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