Apple can’t fix the rattle in the speakers MacBook Pro 2018Около two weeks ago, users of the updated MacBook Pro 2018 release are faced with a new problem. The dynamics of these laptops characteristic pohramyvaet when playing audio.

Alas, since then, the situation has not changed. While Apple has released an update OSes macOS High Sierra 10.13.6, a known bug he hasn’t fixed it.

A Reddit user with the nickname Khaled tried to solve the problem yourself and found some dependencies. For him the problem of rattling speaker particularly painful, as Khaled sound engineer and musician.

In order to repeat the sound “artifacts”, user has launched a sampled EXS24 built into the Logic sequencer, and in parallel opened the video in QuickTime.

In order to verify that the issue is linked to the overloading of the processor, the musician launched the utility from Intel. And then everything became clear as day.

The dynamics of wheezing at times when CPU load reaches a critical value. And this is called, Hello trottling.

The artifacts disappear without a trace when you connect an external sound card. But with the built-in all still sad.


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