Today on the website of the investment Bank Goldman Sachs, which is a partner of Apple, there was a user agreement Apple Card. It reveals previously unknown details about the new Apple service. In particular, the user agreement describes the limitations.

One such limitation is the iPhone with jailbreak. According to reports, the owners of hacked Apple’s smartphones will lose access to the Apple Card and will lose the account. Most likely, this limitation was introduced for security reasons.

In addition, the user agreement stated that Apple Card cannot be used to purchase cryptocurrency, chips and lottery tickets. However, there is nothing particularly surprising. Such restrictions are often found in the products of other American banks.

Recall that a few days ago Tim cook announced that the Apple Card will be launched this month. Be the first to try the new service will be available to residents of the United States. However, when exactly it will be launched now unknown. But judging by the actions of partners Apple to launch left quite a bit of time.


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