Read the rest in Canada, a large Billboard with the inscription “Our job is not to interfere in yours.” The phrase acquires new meaning considering that the poster placed directly in front of the “daughter” of the owner of Google, which is accused of illegally collecting personal data.

We are talking about company Sidewalk Labs involved in the development of solutions for smart cities. She plans to install in one of the coastal areas of Toronto special sensors that will monitor the movement and behavior of people while walking. In order to increase credibility, a subsidiary of Google, has previously called for measures that would stop the IT giant from the sale of data to third parties without your consent. But it’s the residents of Toronto not convinced, and they remain confident that Sidewalk Labs so much.

This is not the first time Apple mocks Google, touching on the issue of the use of confidential data. Previously, she was placed in Las Vegas in front of the monorail with the words “Hey Google” poster “Everything that happens on your iPhone stays on your iPhone”.

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