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Tim cook in an interview with Vice News Tonight on HBO, said that the owners of Apple products can not worry about the leak of their personal data, as the company collects a minimum of information about their users. Cook does not hide that is dissatisfied with how some technology companies are working with user data, hinting at Google and Facebook.

According to the head of Apple, protection of personal data is one of the most important activities of the company. Cook said that Apple is trying to gather as little user information, and access data, not even the employees of the company, as the information is encrypted.

Tim cook also called for stricter state agencies to ask corporations. “I am not a supporter of different kinds of regulations, I believe in the free market, but if he is unable to draft a policy that would contribute to the prosperity of society, I think, some level of government regulation here could do,” said cook.

According to him, companies must not perceive state hostility, but rather to go to meet him — in the end this will solve the problem much faster. “I am delighted that the Congress drew attention to the issue of privacy, the businessman said. Now, when an unpleasant situation on everyone’s lips, it is time to take action to fix it”.

In addition, the Apple CEO urged not to believe the tech companies that collect personal data, ostensibly to improve the service. “Some companies try to convince you: ‘I need all your data to my service worked better’. Do not believe them, — said cook. — Who would you do or say, they are messing with you head.”

This spring, Tim cook called a data dump of users Facebook “appalling” and said that Apple would never happen, because, first, supercinski IT-giant does not collect sensitive information, and secondly, it will protect users ‘ personal data is a priority.

“Apple has never collected personal data for commercial purposes, although he could earn a lot of money. And this approach we take not the last few weeks and years,” said cook.

Last week Facebook announced the data breach at least 50 million users. This statement has attracted the attention of the Irish Commission for data protection and may cost the company up to $1.6 billion in fines.

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