Apple CEO Tim cook lashed out at the company carelessly handling personal data of users. Not to mention obviously Facebook, Google and other firms, business models are built around the collection of information, a top Manager said that the manufacturing data has turned into “industrial complex”, and they became a weapon against people and society.

“Our own information — from the mundane to the deeply personal — turned as a weapon against us, said the cook, These pieces of data is harmless in itself, carefully gather, connect, exchange and sale.”

In this process, “formed a digital profile that enables companies to know more about you than you yourself” and it’s called “stalking”. This statement was made head of Apple, speaking at the 40th International conference of commissioners for data protection and privacy (ICDPPC) in Brussels.

Along with this, cook has warned of “great dangers”, which carries artificial intelligence. “That AI was truly smart, it needs to respect human values, including privacy, he said, — If we do wrong, the danger would be great.”

In addition, Apple’s CEO congratulated the countries of Europe with “a successful introduction of the GDPR,” and expressed the hope that similar laws will be adopted in other regions. “It is time that the rest of the world, including my native country followed your example,” he said.

∎The Chapter Facebook and Apple argued about protecting the interests of users of see also

GDPR, which came into force on 25 may, requires any company handling personal data of EU citizens, to provide users with control over their information up to complete its removal. If the operator establishes violations of the rules, the fine may reach 4% of its annual turnover.

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