MOSCOW, Oct 4 — PRIME. Apple CEO

Tim cook does not hide that is dissatisfied with how some technology companies work with data consumers, according to Dow Jones.

This time he returned to this theme in an interview with Vice News, which criticized — without naming, however, directly from these companies — Facebook

and Google, because they share user data with third parties. Both companies insist that they need to collect more data to support their business models that are heavily dependent on advertising revenue.

“Some companies try to convince you: ‘I need all your data to my service worked better’. Do not believe them, — said cook. — Who would you do or say, they are messing with you head.”

An interview with cook recorded 10 days ago, fit into a long-term strategy for Apple, which tends to stress their differences from competitors in the technology sector. This agenda has become more urgent with the growing attention of regulators social media and working with data consumers.

In an interview with Vice cook confirmed the Apple principle of “collect less data,” adding that the company considers the protection of personal information, “one of the most important issues of the XXI century”.

On Wednesday, Apple has raised the stakes, saying that for all applications, including those that are still in the process of testing is required data protection policy. Cook also agreed to give opening speech at an international conference of regulators for the protection of personal data, which will be held in Brussels on 24 October.

Cook’s comments precede the next wave of security problems and data protection, covering Facebook and Google.

Last week Facebook announced the data breach at least 50 million users. This statement has attracted the attention of the Irish Commission for data protection and may cost the company up to 1.63 billion dollars in fines.

Meanwhile, Google, which still treated these issues fairly quiet, drawn into another controversy. On Tuesday, the chief economic adviser to the White house Larry Kudlow said that the CEO of Google Sundar Pichai will visit the White house and that will probably happen in mid-October.

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