Beijing, March 24 /Xinhua/ — the CEO of Apple Tim cook /Tim Cook/ Saturday welcomed the openness of China and urged the country to further openness, adding that this is important both for China and for the global community.

Such a statement he made in his speech at the economic summit in the framework of the Chinese development forum-2019 at the high level, held from March 23 to 25 in Beijing.

Tim cook said that one of the key elements of the partnership is openness and trust. “Be open to collaboration, open to new ideas, open to new solutions,” he said.

“We watched as China continues to change and evolve, and we are grateful that you have opened your doors to us and allowed us to become part of the community here,” said Apple CEO, addressing the audience at the summit, senior government officials, entrepreneurs and scientists.

Apple believes that the continuous openness of China is necessary not only for the country to achieve the highest potential of development, but also for the prosperity of the global economy, said Tim cook.

Under the slogan “Expanding openness to mutually beneficial cooperation,” Chinese development forum this year will focus on key issues such as structural reform on the supply side, new measures of the active fiscal policy and openness of the financial sector and financial stability.

This year the forum was attended by over 50 officials from departments of the Central government of China and more than 150 participants from foreign countries, including 96 heads of the world’s leading companies and nearly 30 world-renowned scientists. -0-

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