Bloomberg, citing informed sources said that Apple is not happy with iOS 13. In particular, the cupertinos don’t like the amount of bugs that are in the final releases. In the end, the company plans to change its approach to software development.

It is reported that in the past the developers have added different innovations in the internal build of iOS before they were fully tested. This led to the fact that the test device started to work unstable. Moreover, this approach to development did not allow the experts to assess the actual state of iOS.

As a result, senior Vice President, software development Apple’s Craig Federighi, together with the developers have worked out a new strategy. Now all unfinished and untested features are disabled by default in inland assemblies.

Developers will be able to activate them with a special service menu. This will allow you to track the performance of certain functions and immediately determine that it is necessary to include in the final release, but that still needs improvement.


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