The company does not sell bent tablets.

This week Apple has been in the center of the scandal. Support staff Apple said that the new expensive iPad Pro 2018 can be bent right out of the box and it is not a marriage. One tablet user has decided to clarify the position of the heads of Apple and got an answer from the senior Vice President of hardware Dan Riccio.

Riccio said that the deviation in flatness of the corps new iPad Pro is less than one millimeter. This is a record figure for all ever released Apple tablet. While Riccio stressed that as before, the deviation does not affect the operation of the tablet even in the long run.

This means that if the iPad Pro 2018 right out of the box has a noticeably curved case is marriage and the tablet is instantly replaced. In other words, the user cannot get an expensive tablet with an apparently curved case and not be able to return it under warranty.

Thus, the scandal with the curved hulls of the iPad Pro 2018 was blown out of proportion.

Source: 9to5Mac.


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