One of the founders of Apple, Steve Wozniak is once again sharply criticized Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook for neglect to the interests of users, said Internet resource Business Insider.

Speaking to reporters at the conference of the CME Group Global Financial Leadership, held in Florida, Steve Wozniak said that he thinks about the policies of the major social networks.

“The company Facebook needs to understand that people are more important than technology and be ready to compete, he said. I hear mark Zuckerberg talks about the need to provide users with more options that he is open to everything new, but I do not see that they [Facebook] have done something”.

According to the cofounder of Apple, Facebook is not doing anything that brings the company a profit. “They put money above moral values,” he said bluntly.

Steve Wozniak believes that the company should give users the opportunity to opt out from targeted advertising that appears on the pages of social network based on the collected personal data. However, he acknowledged that the company is unlikely to heed this advice.

Steve Wozniak is not the first time criticizes Facebook. Stating in April of this year that I intend to delete my account in Facebook due to the fact that the company has a policy of confidentiality of personal data, in a letter to USA Today Steve Wozniak explained, “Facebook makes a lot of money on advertising based on user information, but they don’t get anything in return”.

Curiously, Apple CEO Tim cook in 2014, said virtually the same about the company Mark Zuckerberg, recalled by Business Insider.

Facebook is not the only company to reap huge profits at the expense of users. The Dating service Tinder has been convicted of selling personal data. Million user profiles containing all the information you can buy for just 153 USD.

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