Apple is working on improving technology that allows two iPhone that are in the vicinity to establish a connection with each other. It follows from the content of the new patent issued by the patent and trademark office. Formed between the mobile communication channel can be used to transfer different kinds of files and even money.

Data transfer

Apple already has the analogue described in the patent technology, which debuted last year. Thanks to him, two iPhone or iPad running iOS 11 can pass the iCloud settings, as well as to share the connecting to secured Wi-Fi networks, without requiring for this any action, other than the location of devices in close proximity to each other.


The main difference between what was before, from what remains to appear is extended functionality. In this case we are talking about the possibility to make money transfers by bringing together the two iPhone and iPad. This method of transaction may be useful in the first place the Apple, which can charge thus paying buyers in the Apple Store.

Apple Pay Cash

Also this feature will extend the functionality of Apple Pay Cash. Thanks to it, users will be able to instantly transfer money to one another and to satisfy the invoice. So Apple will put cash at a whole new level, making another step towards a future where you don’t need actual notes and coins.


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