Recent data from Cupertino.

iOS 12 is installed on half of all iPhone and iPad in the world. It’s not the analysts ‘ estimates, official data shared by Apple in a special page for developers. The number of users of the latest version of firmware is steadily growing.

As of October 10, iOS 12 was set to 50%. Running iOS 11 continues to work 39% of iPhone and iPad. Relatively many users are still not updated with iOS 10 and earlier versions of the firmware — 11%. Probably people with obsolete smartphones and tablets that are not supported by the new assemblies.

Apple also shared information about the number of installations 12 on iOS devices released in the last four years. The numbers are slightly different: running the new build works 53% of iPhone and iPad, on iOS 11 accounts for 40% and for older version — 7%.

On iOS 12 updated more than on iOS 11 last year. Share of 50% of the last Assembly was held for 23 days. Last year’s version of the firmware it took 48 days.

iOS 12 is noticeably faster even on devices that are several years old. Apple also added a number of new features and fixed bugs. These are the main reasons for the mass migration to a new version of the firmware.

Source: Apple


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