Apple is not only looking for ways to create iOS gadgets with flexible screens, but is considering possible options for folding without damage.

2 August on the website of the U.S. Patent and trademark Office published an Apple application for the invention “collapsible lid and display for an electronic device”. The document describes how the addition of the screen and the principles of work of the gadget. The concept can be applied in smartphones, tablets, and in combination with hinged mechanisms.

Basic details about will bend the top layer of the display depending on the substrate material and electronic components.

The device can be selected foldable region to withstand the voltage appearing if you change the state of the gadget. The pressure and the load can be distributed across the device, depending on the specific configuration.

Because of this, a thin screen can be folded different ways: as a book as a booklet, bend only one-third of the display, or to twist the entire device with the roller.

The hollow region will help to better distribute the pressure inside the apparatus.

Rumors that Apple is working on creating flexible devices, appeared in 2017. In October last year, was discovered one of the first patent applications. At the same time it became known that the company Tim cook has started the cooperation with LG is developing a project to create a flexible OLED iPhone to 2020.

Apple has made significant investments in the development of MicroLED technology, which uses tiny LEDs that allows you to create a flexible display panel.


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