The number of search queries is a fairly accurate tool that allows you to determine the popularity of a device. With the help of the experts at Longbow Research found that Chinese users are less interested in the latest Apple smartphones.

According to analysts, in January of this year, the number of search queries that mentioned the iPhone, compared to the same period last year decreased in China by about 50 percent. In February, the experts recorded a fall of 47%.

In fact, the figures also confirm numerous rumors that Apple continues to lose the Chinese market. In the past cupertinos tried to improve the situation, reducing the price of new smartphones. However, as predicted by analysts, such a move would only temporarily to boost sales. After that they again began to decline.

According to recent reports, sales of Apple’s smartphones in China establish a kind of “record”. Some experts note that in February, sales of Apple’s smartphones in the Chinese market was among the lowest in history. Such information sharing and manufacturers. By the end of February, 37 of the 42 Apple supplier reported a fall in order volumes.


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