According to the resource Digitimes, Apple is continuing to reduce the volume of orders for the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs iPhone Max and Xr. However, many providers have already experienced a similar decline.

The authors citing informed sources report that the profits of the company Largan Precision, which makes lenses for Apple’s smartphones began to decline in October. This means that the cupertinos systematically reduce the amount of parts orders within a month.

Also a noticeable decrease in the volume of orders for components for the iPhone reports and company Career Technology involved in the development of flexible PCB circuit boards. It is reported that in connection with the critical drop in orders from Apple, the manufacturer had to downsize its staff by 110 people.

The authors Digitimes noted that at the moment almost the only partner of Apple, which is not particularly felt the decline in orders for iPhone, is TSMC. This is because the demand for products of Taiwanese chip maker remains high and the company can rebuild.


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